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Backpacking in Europe, the EF College Break Way

Backpacking in Europe, The EF College Break Way

There's more than one way to backpackthrough Europe. With EF College Break backpacking-style trips, you make the most of your days—and your money. Hotels and transportation are taken care of, a tour director points you to the cool unknown spots, and you experience it all with a whole crew of college travelers. Check out the stories on this page, and see how backpacking with EF College Break is the same life-changing, epic adventure as backpacking Europeon your own. Just a little easier...View our backpacking style trips

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Check out our top backpacking-style trips, from the streets of London to the beaches of Thailand.

Adam's Blog

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Thailand's great monkey feast Having recently enjoyed a feast of my own (thanks, Thanksgiving), I felt a special kinship to the macaque monkeys of Lopburi, Thailand, when I heard about yesterday's annual monkey feast. Lopburi is about 90 miles from Bangkok (you can get there by bus or train). The city is famous for its ancient temples and its large population of long-tailed macaque monkeys. According to legend, the city itself was created with the help of Hanuman the Monkey King; hence all the monkeys. Many locals consider the feisty creatures the descendents of the Monkey King himself. I love monkeys. And so I think I would love Lopburi. And I would definitely love to witness the biggest feast of the year, which takes place annually on the last Sunday of November. On this special day, about 9,000 pounds of food is put out in the city, and the monkeys of Lopburi gorge themselves silly. The event draws thousands of visitors to witness the carnage. While the monkey feast is indeed a special day, the monkeys are the center of attention here all year round. So there's no bad time to go to Lopburi. As you would expect from little primates, the macaques like to get up in everybody's business, pulling on hair and plucking loose objects from people's heads and clothing. It all reminds me of Caps for Sale, one of my favorite children's books.

Andrew's Trips

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Andrew is our hero. Not only has he backpacked all over the world—some with EF College Break, and plenty on his own—this year he's in grad school in Chile. He told us all about his trips: Read Andrew's interview See where he's gone with EFCB: The Greek Isles Exotic Thailand Spanish Fiesta

Betsy's Best Pics

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Not only does Betsy Nunez take amazing photos, she also loves mud. She's been to Thailand and all over Europe, and she has the slideshow and great stories to prove it:
Get Betsy's story
See where she's gone with us:
Exotic Thailand
European Panorama

Casey gets Famous

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Casey won our hearts (and a free trip to Europe) with his Ultimate Casting Call video submission. After being filmed Real World-style on our New Year's Amsterdam, Paris & London trip, he and some friends hung out in England and then took off for Edinburgh, Dublin and Berlin. "I bought a bagpipe in Scotland. It's pretty sick. I can make it make sounds, but it doesn't sound good. It kind of sounds like a dying cow." – Casey Cable Watch Casey's Casting Call video Check out New Year's Amsterdam, Paris & London

Eye on Barcelona

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What are these arms doing? Good question. They're building a castell, a giant tower of people reaching up to 50 feet high. It's one of the most unique traditions in Catalonia. Read our Eye On Barcelona See all our Eye On newsletters

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Real Photos from Real Tours

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Our travelers are awesome photographers. See their photos

We Love our Tour Directors

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She was born in the little coastal town of St Jean de Luz in southern France. She lives mainly in London, but spends time in France and Spain too. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Italian. She's gone scuba diving off the coast of the Canary Islands. She's a vegetarian. She loves music, singing and philosophizing. She just spent the past few months in Greece, Scotland, and traveling throughout Thailand. She's Daisy, one of our favorite tour directors. We love Daisy. See Daisy's travel photos

Stay Longer

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You can travel on your own before or after your EFCB trip. We'll change your airline ticket to any date you want, from any major airport in Europe! Get more details

Lonely Planet City Guides

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After our own tour guides, the next best place to get the lowdown on cities is Lonely Planet. Check out our Lonely Planet City Guides: Prague Paris Amsterdam All our Lonely Planet guides

Sally's Summer of Europe

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Sally spent a big chunk of last summer in Europe—before, during, and after her Greek Isles trip with us. She backpacked with friends, rented a car with Mom, taught third-graders in Greece, and lost her passport in Italy. Highlights according to Sally: "Cliff jumping in Cinque Terre, dinners with the French family I stayed with in Paris, mountain biking in Chamonix, getting beyond lost with my mom in our rental car, kayaking in Lake Como, riding up a mountain in Santorini on a donkey, seeing U2 in Berlin, hanging with locals in Stockholm, and conquering the glacier in Norway after not showering for 9 days except for a hair wash in a fjord and train station." View our backpacking-style trips See our Greek Isles trip (the one Sally took)

Mmm... Scorpions

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Watch our travelers sample the snacks at a Bangkok market, then check out all the videos on our YouTube page. Watch video

Backpacking through Europe. Made easier.

With EF College Break backpacking-style trips, you make the most of every day, and every city. Backpacking with EF College Break is the same adventure as backpacking Europe on your own. Just a little easier...

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