Before The Trip


All EF College Break travelers get e-tickets, which means you just need your passport to check in. Just go to the check-in counter and they'll take care of you. When you land abroad, go through immigration and customs to the arrival area, where your tour director will be waiting for you.


We make sure our hotels are safe, clean and comfortable places to get a good night’s sleep. Not the Ritz, but definitely everything you need from a hotel. Keep in mind that hotels abroad don't always have all the amenities you're used to in the States (there may be no AC, no elevator).
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Depending on your itinerary, you may have some long bus or train rides between cities. These trips are a great chance to watch the passing scenery or catch up on sleep. Some trips include an overnight train, another classic travel experience. You'll stay in sleeping cars with bunks, getting to the next city without wasting a day for travel.

During free time in the cities, you’ll be getting around on your own. Public transportation in Europe is generally excellent, and your tour director can help you get familiar with it. Remember to budget money for public transportation in each city.

Tour directors

Your tour director takes care of all the logistics (hotels, buses, sightseeing tours, etc.), but they're much more than a normal group travel guide. They'll suggest places to go in your free time, give you inside info on the cities, and show you where to go out at night.
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Standard rooming is 3-4 people per room. You can upgrade to a double or twin room (2 people) for $35 per hotel night, per person, or to a single room for $70 per hotel night. If you want to room with someone of the opposite sex, you have to upgrade to a double/twin room.


Trying the local food is one of the best parts of traveling. That's why we don't include most meals, giving you the freedom to eat what you want where you want. Trips to Europe include daily breakfast, a welcome dinner, and a farewell drink (longer trips include a farewell dinner). Many of our trips to Asia, Africa and Australia include more lunches and dinners; check the itineraries for details.

Top Ten Travel Tips

1. Pack light
2. Check in online
3. Get there early
4. Understand airline partners
5. Check with the FAA
6. Use a credit/debit/ATM card
7. Notify your bank
8. Budget your spending
9. Tip appropriately (including your tour director)