What Is EFCB

EF College Break runs trips to Europe and all over the world
for college student travelers (anyone 18 to 26). We have summer trips, spring break trips, and New Year’s trips. We go to Europe’s best cities—Amsterdam, London, Paris, and many more—and we go farther, to places like Thailand and Australia. With all the can’t-miss sights plus tons of free time to do your own thing, an EFCB trip beats backpacking on your own, hands-down. Here’s how:


Meet new people

Travel with a group of college students from all over the U.S.—see the sights, eat the foods, hit the clubs, and return home with a couple dozen more friends than when you left.

Join solo or with friends

Half of our travelers join on their own, half come with friends. Either way, you won’t be alone.

Go off and explore

We include guided sightseeing tours in every major city, but there’s also tons of free time for you and your friends to do your own thing.


Forget the hassle

Don’t waste hours figuring out train schedules and trying to find a decent place to stay. We take care of all that, so you’re free to explore the city and have fun.

Get more with a tour director

Your tour director will hook you up with the basics and point you to the best lesser-known places to go during your free time.

Count on our experience

EF has been doing student travel since 1965, and we have offices in more than 50 countries. We’re experts on every city, and we can give you local support if you need it, no matter where you travel.


Low price guarantee

With so many travelers, we get great deals that bring the cost way down. We guarantee the lowest price—find the same trip for cheaper anywhere else, and we’ll match the price.

Monthly payment plan

With our easy monthly payment plan, the cost of your trip is broken up into automatic monthly installments. It’s convenient and helps your budget. (If you’d rather pay all at once, you can do that too.)

Get more details inBefore your trip.

All this included:

Roundtrip flights:

Fly with major airlines.

All travel between cities:

In most cases, this is by bus (nice ones). We also use high-speed trains, ferries and cruise ships.

Quality hotels and hostels:

Clean, safe hotels and hostels with easy access to the places you want to be. Each room has a private bathroom.

Sightseeing tours:

Tour the must-see sights with licensed local guides.

Full-time Tour Director:

Handles logistics (like hotels and sightseeing tours) and knows the best off-the-beaten-path places.


Breakfast daily. Lunch and dinner are usually not included, so you can eat whatever local foods you want.

Entrance to special attractions:

Visit the world’s best museums and monuments. Your itinerary lists which ones are included on your trip.

24-hour emergency phone service:

Just in case, we have people on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.