London, Paris & Barcelona (2012)

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  • Stonehenge and Bath
    (Deadline to book is 21 days prior to departure.)
    Head out into the countryside and see the mysterious giant stones in the middle of the field at Stonehenge. The origin and purpose of the ring of stones is unknown, though most think it was a temple and observatory. You’ll also visit Bath, a favorite vacation spot for early Romans and 18th-century English aristocracy. The baths themselves were built by the Romans in the first century, and today they’re the best Roman ruins in Britain.
  • Cava and Tapas
    Take a trip outside of Barcelona to try two delicious local specialties: cava and tapas. Cava is a sparkling white or pink wine (like champagne) produced in Spain’s Catalonia region. Learn how it’s made, and then sample a few of the local variations along with some tasty tapas, the traditional Spanish appetizers.
  • Versailles (pre-book only)
    (Deadline to book is 45 days prior to departure.)
    Spend the afternoon at the over-the-top palace of Louis XIV. Not far from Paris, this is where French royalty reveled in their extravagant lifestyle in the decades before the Revolution. At one point, a thousand nobles were attended by 4,000 servants inside the palace, while 15,000 soldiers and servants lived in the annexes. Walk through the landscaped gardens, tour the State Apartments of the King and the Queen, and see the Hall of Mirrors.

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