Q:Do I have to be a college student to travel?
Q:When is the latest I can sign up?
Q:What if I have to change my trip?
Q:Can I extend my trip abroad?
Q:What is the payment schedule?
Q:On the monthly payment plan, when will my card/account be charged?
Q:I signed up when EFCB was providing a discount. When will I see the discount in my account?
Q:The name I entered for my EF College Break account is not exactly what's printed on my passport. What should I do?
Q:Do I need a visa?
Q:Will I need any vaccination?
Q:Does EFCB accommodate physically challenged travelers?
Q:When will I get my flight and hotel information?
Q:What should I pack?
Q:Do people ever join the tours on their own?


Q:What airlines does EF College Break use?
Q:How long will my flight be?
Q:What will my accommodations be like?
Q:How does rooming work?
Q:How will we get from city to city?
Q:How much spending money will I need?
Q:Is my destination on the euro?
Q:Can I use my cell phone while abroad?


Q:How supervised are the tours?
Q:How old are the travelers and how many people are in a group?
Q:Can my son/daughter do laundry during the trip?
Q:What kinds of accommodations do you use?
Q:Where do I get my child’s flight information?
Q:Will my child be flying with his/her friends?
Q:How do I contact my son/daughter during the tour?
Q:What if I my child gets sick or hurt during the trip?
Q:What’s the best way for my child to call home?
Q:How long has EF been in business?
Q:Will my child be in good hands?
Q:How do you offer such cheap trips?
Q:Do you have any professional affiliations?

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